A Few Head Shots Thrown At The Swiines Bass Player, Rory Black

Posted 19 April 2017

Interview by Tyler Durden

What’s your favourite gig with The Swiines to date?
“I'm probably supposed to say the Nott's Arena gig with Jake Bugg aren’t I. Don't get me wrong, it was an incredible night and an amazing feeling playing in front of all them people, but we did a Rock City basement gig last summer which was a sold-out intimate gig.
In my eyes these are the best ones. Everyone squashed up at the front proper av’in it! Plus, you know it’s your true fans who managed to get tickets and they let you know they’re there.”

It’s common knowledge The Swiines don’t take a set list on stage – Does it ever get confusing not knowing what song might come next?
“Ha Ha! It can be a nightmare! I think because of my absolute raw talent it makes it ok. We are pretty clued up on all our tracks as we write them together in the studio, so it doesn't really matter which order Scott decides to sing them in.
We only play the same 3 chords in every song anyway! Lol!”

The Swiines have played a Christmas show at Rescue Rooms for the past 3 or 4 years – is this on the cards for 2017?
“You'll have to wait and see! The Christmas shows are always a massive party and I'm sure we'll be doing something!” 

Album rumours have been pinging around social media for some time – is there anything you’re allowed to mention, or not? 
“We've been working very hard on getting the right songs together for it. We have more than enough for 5 albums! The tunes are all there waiting to come out, we just need to make sure we use the best ones for our debut. It needs to be special as people have been waiting a long time.”

Having completed a couple of Swiine tours, what’s your funniest tour story? 
“There are so many funny stories. Mainly me being a bit to intoxicated and making a MASSIVE TWAT of myself on the tour bus - waking up with unbearable beer fear! 
Being on tour is one of the best things I have ever experienced! It’s just a proper laugh from start to finish, and to top it off, you get to play your own music to new and old fans every night. AMAZING! As long as people keep listening to us then I'm pretty sure we'll keep touring.”

Can you sum up this interview in 5 words or less?
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